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We have designed the Cronovo watch with advanced sensor technology that provide very insightful medical and fitness features. Our technology also focuses on battery life and is designed to last you weeks rather than days.

EKG and Heart Rate Sensor

The Cronovo device is packed with sophisticated algorithms. We alert of imporant information realted to your heart health be it fitness or medical. The Cronovo watch is designed to be a medical device. We take the accuracy of our devices very seriously.

30 Seconds AFib Detection

The Cronovo device has medical grade software capable of tracking various heart arrhythmia such as Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Pause, Ventricular Fibrillation, Pre-Mature Atrial Contractions, Bardycardia and Pre-Mature Ventricular Contractions. If we detect an heart abnormality based on your EKG reading we would alert you of the detected abnormal heart rythm.

Easy Report Sharing

You can easily save your report as a PDF and mail it to your docotor at an instant. The reports are always stored on our system and can be easily accessed anywhere anytime. We also use Military Grade encryption to keep your data private and secure.

Ultra Fast Telemedicine

Do not want to wait to visit your Doctor ? We provide telemedicine services within our app. You can get a detailed EKG report in just under 15 minutes of your EKG readings. We also provide highly exprienced cardiologists within our platform for you to consult if you require a faster consultation on your condition.

2nd Docotor's Opinion

We understand that seeing a doctor takes time and the more opinion you can get regarding your health the more control you get. We have created a database of exprienced cardiologists for anyone to consult anywhere in the world for an Ultra Low Cost

Advanced Fitness Features

Do not want to wait to visit your Doctor ? We provide telemedicine services within our app. You can get a detailed EKG report in just under 15 minutes of your EKG readings. We also provide highly exprienced cardiologists within our platform for you to consult if you require a faster consultation on your condition.

The Benefits

The Cronovo device also has a lot of fitness features too. The fitness features are designed to improve your fitness, productivity and overall health


EKG Tracker

Built in EKG Tracker. Designed to detect abnormal heart rythm on demand from your wirst. 30 Second AI based Detection. Pending Clearance*


SP02 Tracking

Know your oxygen staturation right from your wrists. Important for detecting Sleep Apnea and tracking your SPO2 trends daily. Pending Clearance*


Heart Rate & HRV Tracking

Our technology tracks your heart rate and provide a range of advanced metrics giving you real time insights into your body


V02 Max

Key data in tracking your fitness improvments over time. Higher your VO2 Max the fitter your are. Know your ture fitness age


Cardiac Efficiency

Provides a birds eye view of your cardiovascular health. The higher your cardiac efficiency the less your heart needs to work when you walk, run etc.


Sleep Tracking

Understand the quality of your sleep and how it impacts your overall health. Track oxygen consumption throughout your sleep


Resting and Recovery

The faster your recover and the lower your resting heart rate is the fitter you become. Recovery tracking provides deep insight.


Core Temperature

Temperature esitmates throughout the day can give you useful information on your metabolic rates, weight management, hydration etc.

The Features

The Cronovo device also has a lot of other features too. These features are designed to improve your overall lifestyle


12 Day Battery Life

Cronovo is designed to consume very little power and requires charging less often. When used on the standard mode Cronovo can last upto 12 Days on a single charge


Scratch Resistant

Cronovo has an easy to use user interface and comes with a display and touch panel. Simply user your fingers to navigate through the various apps on the Cronovo Device



The Cronovo watch display notifications to your wrist. We currently support all major app notifications. You can easily dismiss and accept calls right from your wrist.


Water Resistant Design

The Cronovo device is built with durability in mind. The Cronovo watch is IP68, which means it can withstand the normal rain and occassinal splashes of water.


Easily Change Straps

The Cronovo device easily fits standard wrist watch straps which means you can fit unlimited variety of straps in the market to suit your taste. We provide fitness starps with every purchase.


Activity Tracking

The Cronovo watch supports various different activity tracking such as running, cycling, hiking etc. You can also choose the data most imporantant to you while you workout.

Our Collection

The Cronovo watch comes with various styles and colors.

Black Cronovo Edition

Stainless steel



Silver Cronovo Edition

Stainless steel



Rose Gold Cronovo Edition

Stainless Steel



Gold Cronovo Edition

Water proof and Fitness tracking



The Extras

The Cronovo watch is a result of years of research, dedication and hardwork.

The Press

Don’t take our word, See what our experts says about the Cronovo watch.

Meet the Cronovo Smartwatch, a device that doesn’t sacrifice form for function.

Cronovo EKG Smart Watch, A Noah’s Ark in Health And Fitness Wearable Devices.

Cronovo: The New Smartwatch, Fitness and ECG Tracker About To Hit The Market.


Here’s a roadmap of our journey into developing the Cronovo device and at what stage we are at the moment.

Now - Pending Medical Certification of our Hardware
23 April 2020

Software Medically Certified

3 December 2019

Mass Production Intialized

17 September 2019

Clinical Validation

Our final versions of the device and software clinically validated.

1 March 2017

Start of Research & Development

1 Feb 2017

Crowdfunding Launch



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Has the Cronovo Watch been lanuched yet ?

At the moment we are collecting pre orders on our website. We have currently finished developing the Cronovo watch and we are currently waiting for medical certifications for the Cronovo device.

How does the Pre Order work ?

To pre order a Cronovo device you will have place a deposit of $ 20 that's right just twenty dollars. When we are ready to ship the Cronovo device we will notify you and you will only have to pay the remaining amount then.

Why are we taking Pre Orders ?

We are a startup aiming to build a platform that provides features with a focus on fee-for-value, ultra low cost and ultra fast diagonsis of heart conditions. The Cronovo device is a starting step to achieve our mission.

When will the Cronovo Device start shipping ?

At the moment the Cronovo device is on track to ship on Novemeber of 2020. We will provide updates on major milestones and notify before we start shipping. If you have pre ordered a discount is applied on your order.

Does the Cronovo Watch comes with a Warranty ?

Yes we provide a One Year Warranty on the Cronovo Device. If anything was to happen to the Cronovo device during the warranty period due to our fault, then we would replace the watch for you free of cost.

How does the medical & fitness feature tracking work ?

The Cronovo device is a medically certifed device for its software technology. We use combination of EKG/ECG plus PPG Opitcal heart rate sensors to sense data from you body and convert it into useful insights.

Do we offer Free Worldwide Shipping ?

Yes. The shipping is free worldwide. While we already pre pay the customs duty and taxes sometimes certian countires customs charge unexcepted charges due to change in regualations. Please be aware of such suitations.

Can the straps be swapped in a Cronovo Device ?

Yes. The straps are easily adjustable. You can easily swap the straps to suit any occassion be it a fitness or a formal meeting. We provide a Free Fitness strap when you purchase a Cronovo Device.

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