Neither Cronovo, nor any of its employees, may accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including inputs, comments, ideas or feedbacks of any nature, including, technical nature, original work, inventive work. (“Feedback”). If, despite our request that you not send us any Feedback, you still submit it, then, in all circumstances, the following terms shall apply to your Feedback. You hereby agree that any such Feedback will be non-confidential and Cronovo will have no obligation to review your Feedback. Any Feedback you submit to Cronovo will become Cronovo exclusive property and, if such Feedback is of physical nature, Cronovo shall have no obligation to return any submitted materials to you or to certify their destruction. You agree that Cronovo will be free to exploit, redistribute and disclose any Feedback on an unrestricted basis and for any purpose without having to notify or compensate You, unless otherwise specified by any mandatory legal provision. You hereby release Cronovo from all liability and obligations that may arise from the receipt, review, use, distribution or disclosure of any portion of any Feedback in connection with any Product or Service.

Reference: feedback-policy/20180912.

Updated on 12 Sep 2018.

Versions: 12 Sep 2018 , 20 Jun 2017